Welcome to Digital Candidate Assessment Profile (DCAP). We are the innovation in HR recruitment and Sourcing. DCAP is an efficient and accelerated hiring process that can save time and cost on Human Resource Operations.


Our Model: Submit Review Hire


Candidates will create a DCAP. Profiles consists of contacts, careers, education, and video interviews of standardized or specialized screening questions pertaining to employers’ job requirements.


Candidate Profile will immediately be sent Over Employers portal where human resources will review DCAP and adequately decide on best fit.


After Reviewing profiles. Depending on employer process you will either be brought in for further review or extended offer.

Profile, Work History, Education, Video screen in ONE document.

ONE document submitted provides both application and sourcing. Employer using DCAP can configure questions to be answered by candidate during application submission. Which will allow employers to screen more effectively from the beginning saving time. No phone screen needed to vet candidates. Everything is provided when application is submitted. Future applicant can submit application through the candidate registration portal and Employers can access candidates’ profiles who have applied through the Client portal.

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